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L'ÉPICURIE Européenne et Américaine:

Steakhouse  |  Pizzerie  |  Bistro  |  Café
Charcuterie  |  Fleischerei  |  Fromagerie
Pâtisserie  |  Boulangerie  |  Chocolaterie
NOTE: Certain items require both orders &/ payment in advance,
and in cases of certain products -- Mnimum Order Quantity(ies).
Serving :   Calcutta, WB, India      HOURS :  When Normally Open
Many loyal customers prefer to visit our Location/s -- to Dine-in,
order, peruse, bask in the aromas of steaming hot bread, cakes
and pastries a-baking fresh daily in our Bakery, Pizzas in the
Pizzeria ovens, Kebabs / Steaks / Ribs / Burgers a-sizzling
on the Grills, and / or just to chat with the friendly staff,
as they browse, discuss, place and pick up their orders.

Most Patrons use our Online Store for Shopping.

Logistics Partners deliver to our online buyers.
Besides the ubiquitous Swiggy Genie --
we try to offer -- a number of other
Delivery Options to our clientele,
such as -- Uber Eats, ShadowFax,
eKart, Rapido, WeFast/Borzo, Dunzo,
plus (for out-of-town) -- Blue Dart/DHL,
Delhivery, JustMyRoots, etc., or -- Aggregators
like ShipRocket -- subject to availability, affordability ...
Fresh / temperature-sensitive products are
delivered to Customers' homes / locations
(ONLY) within the Kolkata, WB, IN area.
Delivery Charges applicable.

-- but --
'Ambient-Conditions-Shelf-Stable' (ACSS)
Goods can be shipped Nationally
[within India] ( or -- ACSS Goods
can also be shipped Internationally
[outside India], on demand ) -- IF a
Dependable Shipper can be arranged,
and the Buyer pays, in advance, ALL
shipping, handling and incidental costs.

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Google Page :
Map &/
Street Address
line 1
: 452b Keyatala Rd
Street Address
line 2
: [ New : 
P-452-b Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani ]
Lcality /
: [ Ballygunge / Gol Park / Gariahat /
Lake / Vivekananda Park area ]
City : Calcutta  /  Kolkata
Province : West Bengal
Postal Code : 700 029
Country : India
Click Here for Location Details, Map & Directions
from a few key places within the Calcutta / Kolkata, WB, IN area.

Do *taste our sample portions (at our premises) -- before you buy ...
* For MOST Products (where the packaging doesn't have to
be broken, and the food / goods wasted, if you don't buy)!

ORDER-Receiving STAFF ( during Business Hours )
+ 9 1   8 9 8 1 0   9 9 9 0 0   WhatsApp ONLY
+ 9 1   8 9 8 1 0   0 2 1 7 4   Mobile

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** Our WhatsApp Account has been hacked in the past.
We don't recommend using WhatsApp to reach us.
Please use Telegram or Signal instead -- links provided above.
Use the Blog(s) referred to on this page -- to ask questions,
discuss our products, comment, or communicate feedback.

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CalcuttaDELI Facebook page
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beef_wellington_-_03_-_calcuttadeli.jpeg beef_wellington_-_03_-_calcuttadeli.jpeg
Beef Wellington
Featured in The Telegraph!
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Mr. Prithvish Chakravarti
Kolkata Restaurateur Legend ...
Charcutiere, Salumiere,
Patissiere, Boulangiere,
Epicuriere Par Excellence, ...
Master Engineer & Maxhinery Designer
"GreenHouseKolkata" Apparel Retailer
Serial Entrepreneur

(generally hard to reach, frequently
because of overwhelming business volume)
+ 9 1   7 0 0 3 6   2 2 2 4 8   Mobile
+ 9 1   9 6 7 4 5   5 2 3 7 3   Mobile
C a l c u t t a D E L I @ g m a i l . c o m
A Master Engineer/Machinery-Designer/Builder
by trade and a self-educated Chef by vocation,
Prithvish is a real expert and Afficianado of
various Asian and spicy cuisines, who had in the
past co-/promoted the famous Tak Heng South-
East Asian and the former Calcutta Stories
Immigrant Cuisines-themed restaurants
(which latter featured Baghdadi Jewish
Armenian gastronomic traditions in
Calcutta for the first time, as well as such
rarer cusines like Parsee & Anglo-Indian

NOTE: All popular menu items from Tak Heng
and Calcutta Stories have been integrated
into the menu at, as well as
a lot of nostalgic fare from the likes of British Raj
Calcutta Classics like Skyroom, Firpo's, etc.

Gairik Banerjee, Esq.
Consultant    •    Corporate Advisor
Independent Company Director
Permanent Board Invitee
w w w . G a i r i k . c o m   Personal  |  F A I T H
Intl. Wealth  Management   Professionale   L'Passion et L'Occupe
Fellow-Xavierian, Gairik provides input in
curating the menu.  A dyed-in-the-wool
and Non-Resident Westerner
domiciled in Calcutta -- with former stints
spanning Vienna, Budapest, Nice, Los Angeles,
Buenos Aires & Istanbul -- he is particularly
attentive to the Charcuterie and the
vertical / classic European, American &
Middle / Near Eastern
fare served.


A LITTLE HISTORY: is the Charcuterie Store that Replaced
/ Resurrected (the Tradition & Spirit of)
Calcutta's (Kolkata's) Historic
KALMAN's Cold Storage
now Permanently Closed, R.I.P. -- review related News :--
     Item1      Item2      Item3      ...

How Came To Be
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Calcutta (Kolkata)'s ONLY
| COLD CUTS Charcuterie / Salumeria
Made to Order Novelty Ham &
Custom Sausage
| Euro-DELIcatessen
mEATing Place ... Gast-Romancing
Calcutta's  British RAJ  Legacy &
Christian / Anglo-indian Heritage
| 1-stop mEATery
ALL under One Roof
Exotic Meats Hub
Pork • Bovine • Sheep • Goat Rabbit ChickenTurkeyDuckQuailEmu Escargot • Soft-Shell Crab ||| • JERKYSalt MeatPastramiSausage -- Pork \ Chicken \ other -- "Old Calcutta Masala Sausages” \ “English Breakfast Sausages” \ "Chinese Lap Cheung Sausages" \ Specialty / Custom Sausages of many kinds • Bacon -- many kinds • Ham -- Lean- \ Specialty / Custom Hams • SalamiMeatloafPâté||| • Steaks • BBQ Ribs • Pork Chops • Burger Patties   …||| • Roasts • Croquettes • Crumb Chops • Meat Pies • Panthras • Cutlets • Sandwiches • Salads • VindalooJalFrezi w. Fire Water • Ball Curry w. Yellow Rice …

Located in a very Green, Tree-lined, Elite Locale, and very unlike the "New Market" establishments it replaces, also offers plentiful, safe street parking, an Outdoor Café to wait, sit and taste our fare, a Pizzeria, a Specialty European Bakery, a full-service Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, an Online Store (with Virtual Payments and Integrated Deliveries to Customers' Locations), and much, much more ... 

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         We encourage payments using UPI.
         •   Registry
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